Celebrate the Little Graduate!

Graduation is not just for high school and college!  Preschools and Kindergartens all over the nations are having fancy graduations as well!  You'll want to be sure all the grandparents and proud relatives come to the ceremony and party!

These printable invitations are customized--choose the hair/skin color and adapt the wording.  The great thing is the turn around time is super fast and you can print them on your home computer!
Graduation Invitation

Boys' Graduation Invitation

Whether you're helping the teacher plan a party at the school, or hosting one in your own home, you'll need some decorations!  Here are some ideas that are easy to adapt to any party location.

Paper Chalkboard Banners!
A quick, economical way to celebrate the graduate.  These printable banners have the full alphabet so you can spell whatever message you wish!
Printable Chalkboard Alphabet Banner

Maps are very popular for graduation parties, especially with the "Oh the Places You Will Go" theme!  This pennant banner can spell out whatever you like!

Map Pennant Banner

Photo Booths are super popular at parties!  Here's a really darling idea using paper streamers from Pinterest (there was no link attached to this photo so I'm not sure who it belongs to).
Paper Streamer Graduation Photo Booth

You'll need some treats and refreshments at your party, too!

I love the candy bar idea by my.life.at.playtime!  Check out all of her graduation candy ideas!
Graduation Candy Bar by my.life.at.playtime

How about just putting a simple card stock topper on a baggie filled with candy?

Or just use these simple tags attached to a candy bar or pre packaged cookies

Boy Graduation treat bag tags

Girls Graduation Treat Bag tags

You may want to have a few games and party favors for your guests.  Try some of these easy DIY gifts and games!
Graduation Bubbles!  I'm not sure the source of this photo.

I LOVE this bucket of summer fun idea by The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman!  Use the graduation tags below to add your message!

 End of school year Graduation Party Favor

These printable tags would be perfect tied to the bucket handle!

 Cactus Graduation Treat Tags

And use the chalk in your bucket to let each guest create a sidewalk masterpiece! (Source unknown)

LOVE these owl goodie bags!
Owl Treat Bags (source unknown)

Keeping with the owl theme, you can use this clip art to decorate your treat bags.  Print on card stock or sticker paper and decorate party sacks, treat bags, and more!

Graduation Owl Clip Art

Lastly,  I love this little poem by TopTeacher.com.  It's perfect for signs, diplomas, certificates, gift tags and to tuck into a scrapbook.

 Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Poem

I hope you found some helpful ideas!  Congratulations to your Graduate, no matter what age!

Happy Graduating!


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