Religious Easter Decorations

Easter is such a beautiful time of year--spring flowers, bright blue skies, baby animals--all things that remind us of new life!
DIY Happy Easter Bunting

My kids grew up knowing the Easter Bunny would bring them a basket of fun!   But what they REALLY learned about Easter is that it's the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  And I always try to make sure that is the focus, even thought the Easter Bunny still makes a visit!

It's hard to find alot of Easter decorations with a religious theme that are more "modern" in style.  And as a Sunday School teacher, I'm always looking for cute teaching items and things I can use for our annual Sunday School Resurrection Egg Hunt. 

 So, I decided to make my own and put them into digital format for sale to others.  They are super easy to use--just download, print then cut and tape together!

Religious Easter Invitation
You'll need an invitation to your event.  This can be formatted as a flyer as well.  

Besides the Egg Hunt, you might want some activites and games, like this Christian Holy Week Bingo Game!  You can also use it for a matching card game.
Christian Easter Bingo Printable Game

Every Easter party or egg hunt needs prizes and treats!  How about these to dress up snack baggies filled with candy or toys?

Easter Treat Bag Toppers with Jesus Christ, religious theme

If you want to stay away from sooo much candy, use these labels to wrap around Play Doh for great, non-candy party favors!

Religious Easter Play Doh Labels

or Christian Easter Bubbles are also tons of fun!
Jesus Easter Bubble Party Favors

And if you want an easy art project, just use these Religious Holy Week and Easter stickers!  Just print on sticker paper, cut loosely around the images and stick onto paper, plastic eggs, paper bags, Easter buckets---you name it!

Holy Week and Easter printable stickers

With all these options, I hope you will find something you can use to share Jesus with your children this Easter!  Even the Easter Bunny will love them!

Happy Easter!  He's Risen, Indeed!


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