Quick and Easy Valentine Party Games!

Whether you are a teacher looking for Valentine fun for your classroom party, or a mom who's hostessing a Valentine gathering for your children, you'll need some games and activities to keep the kiddos busy!

From quiet, to active games to absolutely CRAZY fun, here are some of my favorites!

Printable Valentine Bingo

Printable Valentine Bingo Game

I love this because you just download it, print, and cut and you're ready to play!  All you need to add is some little items like beans, dried pasta, pennies, buttons or other objects for the children to use as place holders.  You could even use candy hearts!

Play Doh Party Favor Game! 

 EVERYONE loves to squish some playdough!  Use fancy labels on the cans and your activity will double as a party favor to take home!

Valentine Labels to wrap around  Play Doh cans!

Stacking Heart Game!  So easy to prepare and lots of fun!

Stacking Heart Game from Totally the Bomb

Water Bottle Shake Down!

Fun Waterbottle Game by Kid Friendly Things to Do

Balloon Badminton!  You can never go wrong with balloons kids can hit!  You can also just use paper plates with no handles.
Balloon Badmiton by I Can Teach My Child

Want something a little quieter?
How about some Valentine Coloring Cards?

Whale Valentine Coloring Cards by Tammy DeYoung

Valentine Coloring cards for Kids
Wild Animal Valentine Coloring cards for kids

TOTALLY WILD and INSANE FUN games for older kids...

 I couldn't resist these! completely crazy, wild and fun game that only the bravest teachers and parents should try...I KNOW the kids will LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  

Conversation Heart Shooters!  If you play this at your party, will you PLEASE invite me? 

Valentine Shooter Game by Playdough to Plato

Marshmallow Shooters!  My son's 6th grade class made these and had a ball.  ESPECIALLY the girls!  They were too cool to tell each other they "loved" each other, but they could show by throwing marshmallows!  One warning....the spit gets kinda gross!  LOL
Marshmallow shooters by Happiness is Homemade

or this model works, too
 Marshmallow Shooter
Marshmallow shooter by Oh Amanda!

Hope this gives you some simple, fun ideas for your Valentine's Day Party!

Happy gaming!



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