Getting those Memories Organized!

Does the new year inspire you to "get organized"?
What's the #1 thing you want to get a handle on this year?

Mine is to catch up with start my scrap books! I know, I know, I waited so long and now everything is digital.  It's going to be a nightmare to either make the books or get the items scanned into digital format.

I have cabinets FULL of scrapbook papers, doo-dads, empty albums...just WAITING for me to create magic with them (or give it all away!).  I don't know how far I will actually get before switching to digital, but I'm going to try!

Now, I'm a saver and very sentimental.  I have BIG PLANS for all this stuff.   I have LARGE BOXES of artwork, photos, and "special" papers I saved from my children's school days.   Honestly, I have boxes saved from MY school days!!

 I wish I would have done something like this from the very start...but I didn't.

Dandee Designs

NOTE TO ALL NEW MOMS OUT THERE....STOP and set this up now!  You'll thank me in 10 years!!

And with the digital photos I have, I LOVE the idea of doing a "family yearbook"!  My cousin does this each year and they are so fun to look at!

Skinny Mom posted this one

But before I can do anything, I'm going to have to go through the BOXES and BOXES of printed photos I have from before everything went digital.  I love the suggestions for organizing and editing.  That's what I need....a great PLAN!

Modern Parents Messy kids

Also, my kids were PROLIFIC artists all the way through high school.  Recently, I did sort through all the boxes and let go of alot of them (I was SOOO hard!)  I hope to have them made into printed books with a company like Shutterfly.  I'm not sure where this photo originated, but something like this would be great!

I DID turn some of their art into fridge magnets like these, but I would love to make some more.
Not only can we enjoy them everyday, but they don't take up as much space as the full sized drawings AND they won't get damaged!  Of course, I've already framed my favorites and they are on the family room walls.  But I love a good fridge magnet!

This tutorial for making magnets out of artwork by Amy Vowles is fantastic!

I'll let you know how my journey goes throughout the year!!
Stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite ways to organize your photos and memorabilia?  I'd love your suggestions!