Celebrate the Little Graduate!

Graduation is not just for high school and college!  Preschools and Kindergartens all over the nations are having fancy graduations as well!  You'll want to be sure all the grandparents and proud relatives come to the ceremony and party!

These printable invitations are customized--choose the hair/skin color and adapt the wording.  The great thing is the turn around time is super fast and you can print them on your home computer!
Graduation Invitation

Boys' Graduation Invitation

Whether you're helping the teacher plan a party at the school, or hosting one in your own home, you'll need some decorations!  Here are some ideas that are easy to adapt to any party location.

Paper Chalkboard Banners!
A quick, economical way to celebrate the graduate.  These printable banners have the full alphabet so you can spell whatever message you wish!
Printable Chalkboard Alphabet Banner

Maps are very popular for graduation parties, especially with the "Oh the Places You Will Go" theme!  This pennant banner can spell out whatever you like!

Map Pennant Banner

Photo Booths are super popular at parties!  Here's a really darling idea using paper streamers from Pinterest (there was no link attached to this photo so I'm not sure who it belongs to).
Paper Streamer Graduation Photo Booth

You'll need some treats and refreshments at your party, too!

I love the candy bar idea by my.life.at.playtime!  Check out all of her graduation candy ideas!
Graduation Candy Bar by my.life.at.playtime

How about just putting a simple card stock topper on a baggie filled with candy?

Or just use these simple tags attached to a candy bar or pre packaged cookies

Boy Graduation treat bag tags

Girls Graduation Treat Bag tags

You may want to have a few games and party favors for your guests.  Try some of these easy DIY gifts and games!
Graduation Bubbles!  I'm not sure the source of this photo.

I LOVE this bucket of summer fun idea by The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman!  Use the graduation tags below to add your message!

 End of school year Graduation Party Favor

These printable tags would be perfect tied to the bucket handle!

 Cactus Graduation Treat Tags

And use the chalk in your bucket to let each guest create a sidewalk masterpiece! (Source unknown)

LOVE these owl goodie bags!
Owl Treat Bags (source unknown)

Keeping with the owl theme, you can use this clip art to decorate your treat bags.  Print on card stock or sticker paper and decorate party sacks, treat bags, and more!

Graduation Owl Clip Art

Lastly,  I love this little poem by TopTeacher.com.  It's perfect for signs, diplomas, certificates, gift tags and to tuck into a scrapbook.

 Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Poem

I hope you found some helpful ideas!  Congratulations to your Graduate, no matter what age!

Happy Graduating!

Easter Bunny Party!

If you have little ones in your life, chances are they are eager for the Easter Bunny to hop their way!  Time to get ready with some colorful decorations and basket stuffers!  Hop on over to my shop!

Printable Easter Bunting Banner

  Here are some super easy Easter decorations you just download, print and cut to brighten up your home, classroom, or yard!

You'll need some games to keep the kids busy after their egg hunt.  Easter Bunny Bingo is perfect!  Just gather up some jelly beans for markers!
Easter Bunny Bingo

Need some prizes or basket stuffers?  Try these quick and easy Easter labels, tags and wrappers!

Easter Bunny Play Doh™ labels
Easter Water Bottle Labels

Easter Bubble Party Favors

Want a great deal?  Try this party pack!
Easter Party Pack

Happy Hopping!

Religious Easter Decorations

Easter is such a beautiful time of year--spring flowers, bright blue skies, baby animals--all things that remind us of new life!
DIY Happy Easter Bunting

My kids grew up knowing the Easter Bunny would bring them a basket of fun!   But what they REALLY learned about Easter is that it's the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  And I always try to make sure that is the focus, even thought the Easter Bunny still makes a visit!

It's hard to find alot of Easter decorations with a religious theme that are more "modern" in style.  And as a Sunday School teacher, I'm always looking for cute teaching items and things I can use for our annual Sunday School Resurrection Egg Hunt. 

 So, I decided to make my own and put them into digital format for sale to others.  They are super easy to use--just download, print then cut and tape together!

Religious Easter Invitation
You'll need an invitation to your event.  This can be formatted as a flyer as well.  

Besides the Egg Hunt, you might want some activites and games, like this Christian Holy Week Bingo Game!  You can also use it for a matching card game.
Christian Easter Bingo Printable Game

Every Easter party or egg hunt needs prizes and treats!  How about these to dress up snack baggies filled with candy or toys?

Easter Treat Bag Toppers with Jesus Christ, religious theme

If you want to stay away from sooo much candy, use these labels to wrap around Play Doh for great, non-candy party favors!

Religious Easter Play Doh Labels

or Christian Easter Bubbles are also tons of fun!
Jesus Easter Bubble Party Favors

And if you want an easy art project, just use these Religious Holy Week and Easter stickers!  Just print on sticker paper, cut loosely around the images and stick onto paper, plastic eggs, paper bags, Easter buckets---you name it!

Holy Week and Easter printable stickers

With all these options, I hope you will find something you can use to share Jesus with your children this Easter!  Even the Easter Bunny will love them!

Happy Easter!  He's Risen, Indeed!

Basic Embroidery Gift for a Friend

Too cold to go outside?  
Then curl up with a new pattern and embroider a special gift for your friend or family!  This would make a GREAT Valentine's gift and doesn't take long to stitch.

Friendship Angel pattern by Tammy DeYoung Plum Creek Collectibles
This is my favorite little verse:

Our friendship is tried
Our friendship is true
So I'm sending this angel
to watch over you!

You can frame it or make it into a little pillow!  Get the pattern here!
The pattern also includes a punch needle version if you prefer.

It's the perfect pattern for a beginner because you only need a few colors of floss and 2 or three stitch styles.

Here is a wonderful video tutorial I found that will show you the running stitch, outline stitch, stem stitch and French knots!  You can interchange the first three however you like on this pattern.

You will also need muslin, needles, floss and an embroidery hoop, like these:

I use T-dyed muslin, but you can certainly use white or off-white if you prefer.
All the floss colors I use are listed on the pattern.  You can use whatever colors you like, though!

Your pattern will come with the image printed on paper.  You will need to transfer that image onto your muslin before stitching.

It's very simple to do.  I use a table top light box like this one (you can get them from Michaels and Hobby Lobby) but you could also tape the paper to a window and use the light that way.

Lay your pattern on the light surface, lay your muslin on top of the pattern and trace the lines lightly with a regular pencil or a disappearing pen or a wash-out tracing marker like these:

NOTE:  If you use a regular pencil, make sure it's very light and fine point so your stitches will cover the lines because pencil won't wash out.  If you are a beginner, I would start with a disappearing marker...it's much more forgiving if you make a mistake tracing or if you are unsure of your stitching technique.

Now you're ready to stitch!  

Happy stitching!

Quick and Easy Valentine Party Games!

Whether you are a teacher looking for Valentine fun for your classroom party, or a mom who's hostessing a Valentine gathering for your children, you'll need some games and activities to keep the kiddos busy!

From quiet, to active games to absolutely CRAZY fun, here are some of my favorites!

Printable Valentine Bingo

Printable Valentine Bingo Game

I love this because you just download it, print, and cut and you're ready to play!  All you need to add is some little items like beans, dried pasta, pennies, buttons or other objects for the children to use as place holders.  You could even use candy hearts!

Play Doh Party Favor Game! 

 EVERYONE loves to squish some playdough!  Use fancy labels on the cans and your activity will double as a party favor to take home!

Valentine Labels to wrap around  Play Doh cans!

Stacking Heart Game!  So easy to prepare and lots of fun!

Stacking Heart Game from Totally the Bomb

Water Bottle Shake Down!

Fun Waterbottle Game by Kid Friendly Things to Do

Balloon Badminton!  You can never go wrong with balloons kids can hit!  You can also just use paper plates with no handles.
Balloon Badmiton by I Can Teach My Child

Want something a little quieter?
How about some Valentine Coloring Cards?

Whale Valentine Coloring Cards by Tammy DeYoung

Valentine Coloring cards for Kids
Wild Animal Valentine Coloring cards for kids

TOTALLY WILD and INSANE FUN games for older kids...

 I couldn't resist these! completely crazy, wild and fun game that only the bravest teachers and parents should try...I KNOW the kids will LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  

Conversation Heart Shooters!  If you play this at your party, will you PLEASE invite me? 

Valentine Shooter Game by Playdough to Plato

Marshmallow Shooters!  My son's 6th grade class made these and had a ball.  ESPECIALLY the girls!  They were too cool to tell each other they "loved" each other, but they could show by throwing marshmallows!  One warning....the spit gets kinda gross!  LOL
Marshmallow shooters by Happiness is Homemade

or this model works, too
 Marshmallow Shooter
Marshmallow shooter by Oh Amanda!

Hope this gives you some simple, fun ideas for your Valentine's Day Party!

Happy gaming!


How to Use Paper Tags on your Valentine Treat Bags

If you are like me, Valentine's day sneaks up pretty quickly and my kids change their minds often about what type of treat they want to share with their classmates.  So, I'm always in a scramble at the last minute to be creative and stay on a budget!

Even if the school your child attends doesn't allow Valentine treats (BOO!), you can still whip up some cute goody bags for them to share with teachers, pals on their sports teams, Sunday School buddies, grandparents and family members, or even their day care centers!

How to make tags!  By O Happy Day!

I've designed some quick, printable 3" x 3" tags you can download, print, punch and tie on to any goody bag, cookie pack, snack can or treat!  Let your imagination soar!

But first, I wanted to show you some very SIMPLE, EASY ways creative people are using tags on their goody bags.

For any occassion, just fill a cello bag with toys, candy or other treats that go with your theme, then use curling ribbon to attach your tag:
Tie tag onto bag with curling ribbon -- by Kennary
Skip all the doo-dads and simply wrap homemade treats, like this candy apple, in a cello bag first before using fabric ribbon to tie on your tag:

Tie tag on with craft ribbon or raffia -- by A Yummy Life

Dress up some store bought, not sweet snacks to fill your bag then tie on your tag with bakers twine like this:

Baker's Twine makes a great tie and comes in many colors -- by This Ole Mom

I love this super cute, FAST way to attach the tag to a regular paper bag with a clothespin!  You can even print your tag on sticker paper to dress up the bag:

You can also glue the tag onto the bag!  By Orange Paper Duck

Actually, you don't even NEED a bag!  Just tie the tag directly onto your box of candy or treats like this:

Tied on tag by Crafting Chicks

Or get REALLY fancy with some big toys and a fancy ribbon bow like this:

Tie your tag to a toy with a fancy bow!-- by Sweet Party Wishes

Now that you have some ideas, all you need are your tags and treats!

Here are a few of my tags that are ready to print and available in my Etsy Store.  These tags are all 3" x 3" but you could certainly use regular Valentine cards as tags, too!

Robots are perfect for Valentines for boys.  Just tie these tags to a small package of Twizzlers...
aka robot arms!

Robot Valentine Treat Tags

Pink Poodle Paris tags are perfect Valentines for girls when you tie these tags to a box of heart candy!!

Pink Poodle Paris Friendship Valentine Tags for Girls

ALL kids love a good cosmic brownie!  Don't worry...they come individually wrapped in the box.  Just tie on the Outer Space Tag Valentines for Girls!  (Available for boys, too!)

Outer Space Treat Bag Tags!
So, now I'm hungry!!  And ready to make more tags and bags for you!

What are YOUR favorite Valentine treats?  Let me know in the comments section!

Happy Tagging!