The Tale of Two Stamping Friends!

Once upon a time, I discovered the wonderful world of handmade cards using rubber stamps!  I admit, I'm not good at making the cards, but I LOVE drawing art for the stamps. (disclaimer...I did NOT make any of these cards but am sharing them here from the Inky Antics website)

But, this is because I met a wonderful girl named Jackie, the founder of Inky Antics Rubber Stamps!  She is the fairest maiden in the land of stamping creativity and I was her apprentice!

I'll never forget the first time we talked in the early 90's.  She saw some of my doodles in a pattern book and asked me, "Would you like to draw for my company?"

One of my first stamps!

That started a wonderland of fun and projects between the two of us!

Life has changed ALOT for both we fair maidens.  And though it's been a few years since I drew a new line of stamps, she is still creating amazing new products in the stamping industry!

From my Under the Sea Collection
The wonderful thing about turning art into a tangible product is that it "lives" forever!  Even though trends come and go, surprising friends and family with handmade cards and gifts never goes out of style.

Part of the Millie Mouse series

So today I went back into the archives to share with you some of my favorite designs still
being published by Inky Antics!

Side note:  my favorite adventure ever with Jackie was the Honey Pop Collection, which dominated scrapbook and stamp conventions for several years and even ended up as a stamp line in Michael's craft stores!  You see, she had this FABULOUS idea to use honeycomb paper inside a card to tell a story with rubber stamps.  I am so thankful that she chose me to develop the artwork!

I can tell you that season after season for several years we worked very hard to figure out how to take the ideas in our head and translate them into the mechanics of  honeycomb paper.  This brain does not mix art and and math very well!  But Jackie never gave up on me and we had so much fun!  They look so simple now, but it does take a bit of trial and error to get it just right!

Here are some of my favorites from that collection (to see the whole line, click HERE

 Strawberry Girl Inky Antics Rubber Stamps

That's probably enough!!  If you want to see more, visit my Pinterest Board 

I hope to do more artwork for Jackie!  In the meantime, keep your eye on her YouTube Channel for lots of great rubber stamp ideas!!

Happy Stamping!


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