....Nativities Part 2

I know...it's not even Thanksgiving.  But if you want to get started on your handmade gifts, I need to do some showin' and tellin'!   Tuesday, I shared some of my digital nativity products with you perfect for paper crafting.

So today I thought I would share some of my sewing pattern....because just like the chicken (or the egg!) these came first!!!  My design business evolved from my first stitchery patterns and this trip down memory lane made me kinda proud...and thankful--very, very thankful!  So pretend you are in a museum as you walk through the halls!  LOL

 First Christmas Applique Pattern
Applique Christmas Nativity Pattern

The pattern above was my very first nativity pattern and as you can see from the number, the 14th pattern I ever designed!  (Yes, it says 114, but that's just to make me feel more important!)

This was the early 90's when raw edge country applique was all the rage and it was one of my best sellers for many years!
 Painted Stitchery Nativity pattern
Painted Stitchery Nativity Pattern

Next came a technique I use alot that I call "painted stitchery."  Is very easy because you stitch the whole picture in black and then stencil paint inside the stitching with acrylic paint.  If I had a quarter for every demo I did at Quilt Festival........!!

THEN I discovered GOLD!!  National NonWovens Woolfelt!  Oh my sister!  That stuff is SO much fun to work with!

 Woolfelt nativity applique patterns
Woolfelt Nativity Tree Skirt, Table Mat, Table Runner Patterns
 You see, I'm not very good at turned edge applique or using regular fabrics in my designs because I am impatient.  I want to "paint a picture" not sew a math project--and math, not my strong suit-- is very important when piecing a quilt or wall hanging! Once I figured out I could basically "draw a picture" with woolfelt, I went wild!

Christmas Nativity Stockings, Advent Calendar and Card Holder Patterns
As you can see from the photos, woolfelt is perfect for tiny pieces like the Advent Calendar above to the large Christmas Countdown below....
Christmas Angel, Nativity Pillow, and Countdown calendar Patterns
Another technique I've tried is Punch Needle Embroidery!  Now THAT was fun!!  Here are some nativity Christmas patterns for Punch Needle and/or embroidery.
Christmas Punch Needle Embroidery Ornaments and Nativity Frame patterns.

And here are just a couple other nativity patterns....I especially like the ornaments!
Christmas Ornaments, Pillows, and Wreath  Patterns

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through my Nativity Pattern Museum--LOL!  I hope you found something you would like to try!  Better get started!  Christmas will be here before you know it!

So....tell me about YOUR favorite Nativity collection!


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