Grandma's Turkey Plate

Let's talk turkey...

My Grandmother had the prettiest plates on her walls.  They hung from special hooks like works of art.  My favorite was the turkey platter.  It looked something like this...

It was used at Thanksgiving and Christmas when all the cousins would get together for a feast.  My Grandpa would wear a white apron and was always smiling and humming while he cooked.  The wooden floors would creak when you walked through the dining room and the whole house would be full of laughter and fun, especially when he put on the Polka music and danced!

When my grandmother died, my sweet Aunt Juanita, whom I loved dearly inherited the plate. The platter was hung proudly on her wall, with special hooks, and was more valuable than any work of art because it had love all over it.

My mom had some turkey shaped dishes, too.  My favorites were the little turkeys that looked something like these...

...and so naturally in my own home years later, I had to have these for my children.

My daughter tried to sneak them out when she moved to her first apartment...nice try!  Get your own, turkey!!

ABOUT THAT TURKEY PLATTER!   SURPRISE!!  When I was searching the internet for a picture to share with you of the platter, I found a clip from my Cousin at Antique Roadshow!  I had completely forgotten that he took Grandma's platter for an appraisal!  I think I go pretty close in the first picture of this post in my memory to matching the real deal!  I thought you might enjoy seeing the REAL platter and hearing my cousing tell the story of a four generation of memory!

Video of turkey plate

Whatever your Thanksgiving dishes look like, I wish you many generations of happy turkey memories!!



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