Classroom Christmas Activities!

For all of you teachers of little ones...brace yourself.....December is almost here!  Between bad weather days, practice for school plays, sweet treats and general excitement over a jolly friend's visit, it is  hard to get any "learning" done. have secret weapons--activities that are fun AND educational!

Here are some holiday-themed printables and activities that you can use for the next few weeks to stay ahead of the chaos!


Ho Ho Ho Bingo and Matching Game

Games can be a very helpful tool for teaching!  Kids are having fun and don't even realize they are learning!

Picture Bingo  is not just a game, it's a math, vocabulary and social skills activity for MANY ages!  Obviously for preschool and younger grades, you can adapt it for older children, too.  What do kids learn when they play picture bingo?

  • Matching & Classifying. When children  notice how things are alike and how they are different, they are sorting by characteristics which is a building block for math. This leads to more complex thinking skills used in more advanced math problems.  
  • Vocabulary.  As children identify the objects in the pictures, they will learn new words.  You can write the words on the cards or on the white board and include them in your spelling and handwriting assignments!
  • Math.  As children play the game, they will be counting and calculating how many squares they have covered as well as how many are needed to win the game.  This is basic addition, subtraction, division and even the basics of algebra.
  • Social Skills.  As children play competitive games, they learn cooperation, teamwork, leadership (when you let them take turns leading the game) and sportsmanship.  You can structure the game in many ways to achieve a positive outcome. 
For more tips and ideas on how to add these 4 things to your lesson plan, see Part 2 of this post here.

Matching Memory Games:

 Christmas Bingo Matching Game

Print the bingo calling sheets out onto card stock twice, then cut them into cards for memory/matching games.  Use these in small group activities or even in individual learning stations. This is a wonderful way to build concentration and memorization skills, beneficial in all subjects.


 Snowman coloring mini pages

Besides being a fun activity, coloring is fantastic for small motor skills which are so important!  You can enlarge these images for smaller children.  Older children can use colored pencils to practice writing motor skills and even an art lesson in basic shading or color recognition.

Cutting Activities:

 Snowman coloring images

Not only can you color and create with these images, you can improve scissor skills with simple shapes like circles!

I have alot of other printables for Christmas and any occasion in my Etsy store but I'm always looking for more suggestions!

 What printables would YOU like to see for fun learning activites?  What ways have you used games and printables with your children?
Comment below!

Happy Holiday Gaming!


  1. My sisters children love playing board games with me, whenever i babysit them. I will definitely be playing some of these mind bogling games with them,they will love it!

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