Writing a "Picture Bingo" Lesson Plan!

Yes, you can!
Tuesday I shared a post on how Christmas Picture Bingo can be used as a teaching tool and not just a party game.  It got me to thinking about many other ways you can build a complete lesson plan for several academic subjects around a picture Bingo game.

Here are some of my teaching ideas based on my Ho, Ho, Ho Bingo Game printable.
Just adapt them for the age group you are teaching or entertaining!

Spelling, Vocabulary & Handwriting

First, identify the objects in the picture bingo game to build your word list.  Choose words that are age appropriate. For example:

Once you have a word list, try these creative ways to integrate the bingo game with your word list:

Classroom Christmas Activities!

For all of you teachers of little ones...brace yourself.....December is almost here!  Between bad weather days, practice for school plays, sweet treats and general excitement over a jolly friend's visit, it is  hard to get any "learning" done.  But...you have secret weapons--activities that are fun AND educational!

Here are some holiday-themed printables and activities that you can use for the next few weeks to stay ahead of the chaos!


Ho Ho Ho Bingo and Matching Game

Games can be a very helpful tool for teaching!  Kids are having fun and don't even realize they are learning!

Let's Talk WoolFelt!

Aren't these colors delicious?
National NonWovens' WoolFelt®

I LOVE WoolFelt®!  

MANY......MOST of my applique patterns use it.  It's perfect for my style of "story telling with fabric and needle."  
Plum Creek Collectibles Christmas Nativity pattern with Woolfelt®

Many of you have asked me about it--what is it, why do I use it, how do you work with it, and where do you find it?  So here are the answers to your questions!

What IS wool felt?

How to Choose Your Scissors...

or.... How My Scissors Chose Me!
My 8" Gingher Shears from my Mother-in-love!

If you sew or paper craft, you know how important your scissors are!  Given enough time, you grow a relationship with them and they have many stories to tell!

Scissors are like shoes...you can never have enough!

Here are a few truths about sewing scissors:
  • You cannot sew without them.
  •  Good ones are expensive, but they last forever.
  • They WILL get lost in the couch cushions......many times.
  • At some point you will probably label your good scissors with "Do Not Touch."

If you paper craft, you know what I mean about scissors, too, but in a different way.

Christmas Embroidery & Stitchery Designs

There is something about hand embroidery that is so relaxing!  And decorating your home for Christmas with your creations, or giving them as gifts is budget friendly and very satisfying!

Even if you are running out of time, I have some very simple Christmas embroidery patterns you can whip up in no time!   Frame the finished product, or turn it into a pillow!

Luke 2 Angel Embroidery Pattern

I'm not claiming they are EASY--if you are a beginner, you probably won't enjoy all the tiny words--but they are SIMPLE because they use just a few stitches and basic supplies--pattern, instructions, scissors and these:

Embroidery Hoop                                 Floss                                     Needles                                             Muslin

Pie Tales!

So, there is something I'm obsessed with that I must warn you about,....something I can't live with, but I can't live without....

something that creeps into my life every holiday season that I kick out with every New Year's diet resolution....

something I have a love affair with..........

Photo from Pillsbury


I'm serious!

Pie is perfect!  Not just because Pie Crust is one of the four food groups, but also because of the way Pie weaves people together and creates a lifetime of memories.

Christmas Invitations...Oh What Fun!

I certainly don't want to rush you through Thanksgiving, but.....

if you're hosting a Christmas event next month, you might want some help with invitations!  Here are a few I've designed that are ready for your custom information!  Just download, print and send!

OR skip the trip to the post office and send through email!

Here's a very pretty and versatile invite for Open Houses or any Christmas Party or Holiday dinner!
 Christmas Party Invitations